Marcella Spagnolo, the idea ...

It is his job

Marcella Spagnolo was born on March 24, 1968 in a small village in Salento (Puglia), the daughter of young artisans.
She spent her childhood in the Swiss mountains and the Apulian countryside, she starts first
commercial studies and then abandon them permanently to follow her artistic vein,
specializing as a Hair Stylist and collaborating with big names in the sector.
It is her job to catapult her into the world of fashion, which she is fascinated by.

the first sketches are born...

In a clear bucolic setting the first sketches are born, trying to propose a lifestyle ... a way of being.

The simple and sophisticated shapes arise from a multifaceted idea of ​​wearability,
so that a woman can always feel
at ease on any occasion.

The idea was born ... ... almost like the desire

The idea was born ... ... almost like the desire to give birth to a child ... love, passion, dedication hidden in the drawer
which finally opens up into a well-defined imaginary.
Her mind sweeps inspired by her places on earth;  the turquoise and crystalline seas, the clear beaches,
endless panoramas
and laughing at the Mediterranean scrubs, where day mixes with night….

diffondere la cultura dell’eleganza

Desire to spread the culture of elegance as a real beauty weapon to wear ... then thinking that seasonality shouldn't be a limit.
It is the vocation for style, the maximum expression of the combination of class and comfort is the commitment to preserve an ancient tradition and mix it with the needs of the contemporary, it is the challenge of finding precious materials:
Fabrics, accessories, packaging and working them with care to give you special artifacts to preserve, is the passion of being artisans to focus everything in a single context on MADE IN ITALY.